About Us

Taking Christ to the streets of the Nations

Rickey and Anita Smith have never been comfortable with the status quo. They have been involved with helping other, especially those who could not help themselves, for almost all of their married life. Already raising two daughters and although Rickey worked for 21 years in manufacturing, working 12 hour swing shifts, they did not let life interfere with what they felt the Lord was calling them to do.

Rickey and Anita moved to the Tulsa Oklahoma area in 2005 with their two adopted daughters and attend World Outreach Church. They still have a heart for the ones who cannot help themselves, and a drive to get themselves, and others, to do greater things. They know that there are many people within the walls of the church who really want to get out there and make a difference within their community. Their heart truly desires to take these “live wires” and connect them.