Busy in the Philippines

We made it to Baguio City without any problems. The plane rides were good and the 7 hour bus ride from Manila was uneventful. The rest of the day Friday and Saturday were slow days allowing us to get over our jet lag.

Sunday started the fun with a joint fiesta for both the Global Ventures team and the local volunteers. About 150 converged on the AGAPE World Missions headquarters for a time of getting to know one another and sharing a meal. It was a great time with most people meeting for the very first time.
Monday the school visits began. Global Ventures went into about 15 schools with thousands of salvations. We were able to assist them in a couple of the schools. It was amazing and a lot of fun.
Tuesday was the first Northern Youth Festival in La Trinidad and our first setback. The event was originally scheduled to be an outdoor event but a typhoon looming in the Pacific forced us to use the gymnasium instead. Most of the day was spent settling up and when the event started, several hundred were waiting in line to get enter the facility. We had around 2,500 in attendance and the night was lively, colorful, and full of the Presence of God!
Got to run. More to come.